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Mudge Family

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  Abel Mudge

  Albert Bertram Mudge
  (Bert Mudge)

  Albert William Mudge
  (Billy Mudge)

  Canning Cemetery

  Edith Irene Mudge
  (Edith Lamont)

  Edna Marcia Mudge
  (Edna Peer)

  Ethel May Mudge
  (Ethel Clark)

  Grace Margarette Mudge
  (Grace Halliburton)

  Helen Elveretta Mudge

  Minnie Ellen Crossley
  (Minnie Mudge)

  Richard Chapman Mudge

  Richard Reginald Mudge

  William Chapman Mudge

  William James Reginald Mudge
  (Reg Mudge)

  William Mudge
  (1873 - 1960)

    The Mudge Family pages were established as a common platform to share stories, photos and provide a method to find and connect with other folks interested in the Mudges.

The family name, spelled MUDGE, appears in some records as MUGGE and may occur with other variations of the spelling.

We have traced the family to England where in the mid 1600's a branch of the family immigrated to the USA. In the 1700's some of the family migrated to Canada.

Elijah Mudge settled in what became known as Mudge Hollow in Oxford County in Ontario (Upper Canada). The photo shows a plaque dedicated to the early founders of Canning.

On February 16, 2019 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Mudge Family and descendents:

1993 - Bertha Evelyn Tucker passed away.
1988 - Joseph Wade Linsley passed away.
1920 - Wesley Kitchen passed away.
1916 - Harry Raymond Ibbotson was born.
1905 - Margaret Wilson passed away.
1892 - John Leslie Alden was born.
1891 - Lydia Embler was born.
1888 - Charles Manly Sumner married Elsie Elizabeth Mudge
1881 - Ethel Lee Mudge was born.
1873 - Arthur George Bennett was born.
1870 - Elsie Elizabeth Mudge was born.
1850 - Samuel Mudge passed away.
1848 - Byron Mudge was born.
1842 - Emily Catherine Hooper was born.
1838 - Amos Alden Pope was born.
1835 - Joanna Smith passed away.

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