Tracing the pathways of our ancestors.

Steele Family

    The Steele Family pages were established as a common platform to share stories, photos and provide a method to find and connect with other folks interested in the Steeles.

The family name, spelled Steele, appears in some records as Steel, Steeles, Steal and may occur with other variations of the spelling.

We are hoping to connect with long lost family and have the opportunity to swap stories and pictures.

Please feel free to send us your comments & questions.

Steele Family Forum

On March 23, 2019 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Steele Family and descendents:
1988 - Rex Mudge Garrison passed away.
1950 - Carol Dianne Lang was born.
1922 - Hazel Matilda Haviland passed away.
1907 - Robert Lamb married Adelia Ann Chambers
1899 - Charles Albert Harp married Eliza Annie Smith
1898 - Thomas Brunfitt Hughes married Isabelle Kentner
1892 - Conley Charles Embler was born.
1890 - George Orange Sayers was born.
1888 - Della was born.
1876 - Robert Harp was born.
1875 - John Comfort Thompson married Mary Matilda Roszel
1865 - Minnie L. Hatch was born.
1848 - Eugene Covell was born.
1833 - Mary Elizabeth Fenner was born.
1827 - Lothrop Truman Flower was born.
1791 - Benjamin Haviland was born.
1770 - Pheobe Clark was born.

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