Tracing the pathways of our ancestors.

Steele Family

    The Steele Family pages were established as a common platform to share stories, photos and provide a method to find and connect with other folks interested in the Steeles.

The family name, spelled Steele, appears in some records as Steel, Steeles, Steal and may occur with other variations of the spelling.

We are hoping to connect with long lost family and have the opportunity to swap stories and pictures.

Please feel free to send us your comments & questions.

Steele Family Forum

On August 14, 2018 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Steele Family and descendents:
1985 - Barbara June Halliburton passed away.
1967 - Gertrude May Mudge passed away.
1957 - Maggie Louisa McKinnish passed away.
1957 - Delia Elizabeth Margeson passed away.
1931 - Joseph William Kentner married Edna May Matice
1923 - Fred Lee Tryon married Buna Clay
1918 - George Marshall Halterman married Eva J. Mudge
1916 - Eleanor B Russell was born.
1899 - Abagail Tryon passed away.
1891 - Harry Lindsay Edward Peer was born.
1889 - Hazel Irene Hilts was born.
1889 - Donald Barnstater Kentner was born.
1888 - Mabel Edna Pethick was born.
1876 - Lucy Ann Bronson passed away.
1867 - Henry Orson Munson was born.
1865 - William Mudge passed away.
1842 - Mary Ellen Mudge was born.
1838 - Richard Chatterson married Hannah Harp
1835 - Mary Louise Treat was born.
1833 - Henry Willets passed away.
1828 - Aaron Clark Sears passed away.
1821 - Stephen Tryon passed away.
1819 - Wheelar Mudge was born.
1785 - John Dusenbery was born.
1785 - Azeuba Mudge was born.
1755 - Cornelius Hamlin married Hannah Mudge
1719 - Mary Watson was born.
1712 - Agnes Tryon was born.
1646 - Mariah Elsen was born.

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