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Edith Irene Mudge (Edith Lamont)

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  Edith Lamont and Helen Mudge

  Edith Lamont, Helen Mudge, Grace Halliburton, Nellie Shea
  Edith Lamont with her Father
  Edith and Rod Lamont

    Edith Irene Mudge was born September 21st 1908 in Guelph Ontario. She was the youngest daughter of Richard Reginald Mudge and Minnie Ellen Crossley.

Edith married James Roderick Lamont October 4th 1926 in Guelph. Edith and Rod had nine children.

Edith died in 1973 on November 8th.

On April 19, 2019 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Mudge Family and descendents:

1997 - William Fremont Mudge passed away.
1978 - Paul Karl Hagle passed away.
1932 - Dorothy Ann Halliburton was born.
1925 - Mary Emily Glover passed away.
1907 - Albertha M Mudge was born.
1899 - Selden Johnson Mudge passed away.
1895 - Caroline Vivian passed away.
1889 - Sylvia Rebecca Harp was born.
1882 - Arthur Shannon married Alice Jane Harp
1882 - Anna Bigelow Treat was born.
1871 - George S. J. Mudge married Mary Louise "Lou" Tillay
1864 - Martha Cudella Hayden was born.
1864 - Amos Chambers married Sarah Mellen
1861 - Arthur Newhall Mudge passed away.
1860 - Minnie Effa Shedd was born.
1860 - Edgar Emerson Hatch married Mary Louise Treat
1859 - William Venner married Lucy Mudge
1840 - George Emory Aylesworth was born.
1832 - Ebenezer Hamlin Treat married Ferrit Newcomb
1814 - Johanna Newhall was born.
1757 - Josiah Myers was born.
1760 - Lucinda Bingham was born.

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