Tracing the pathways of our ancestors.

Bulkeley Family

    The Bulkeley Family pages were established as a common platform to share stories, photos and provide a method to find and connect with other folks interested in the Bulkeleys.

The family name, that we have spelled Bulkeley, appears in some records as Bulkley and may occur with other variations of the spelling.

We are hoping to connect with long lost family and have the opportunity to swap stories and pictures.

Please feel free to send us your comments & questions.

Bulkeley Forum

On February 23, 2018 we commemorate the anniversary of the following events that occurred in the history of the Bulkeley Family and descendents:
1987 - Victor Rivett passed away.
1972 - Christopher David Reekie was born.
1965 - Alice Sturgis passed away.
1936 - Henry Elisha Tryon passed away.
1882 - John Herbert Loree was born.
1877 - Samuel Johnson Burnett was born.
1871 - Martha B. Treat (Mattie) was born.
1863 - Jacob Lionel Treat was born.
1856 - Ozra Osborn passed away.
1856 - Hattie Henry was born.
1850 - Ebenezer Jr Silliman passed away.
1812 - Abigail Hubbard passed away.
1806 - Aaron Cable married Mary (Molly) Bulkeley
1801 - Laura Treat was born.
1773 - Abigail Bartholomew passed away.
1682 - Rachel Talcott was born.

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